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In Negotiation

With a diverse portfolio JLL Realty is well respected and known for maintaining an honest and trusting property management division. Renters come to us because the properties we list and oversee are clean, comfortable, and are committed to being there when called upon. Property owners prefer us because we are thorough with documentation, ensure each of our properties is well maintained, and we make sure tenants treat the properties with respect. We create mutually beneficial relationships on all fronts.


Years of experience in diverse real estate markets have strengthened JLL Realtys' ability to efficiently create, develop, and execute a variety of strategies according to the projected goals and challenges of each project. From site assessments to financial planning to operations, JLL Realty has seasoned professionals to successfully complete each project.

  • Site Identification

  • Feasibility Analysis

  • Redevelopment Budgeting

  • Cost Determination

  • Marketing & Rental Property Advertising

  • Operation

  • Property Upkeep & Maintenance

  • Construction



After managing a variety of properties including commercial, residential, and multi-family, JLL Realty has developed a style of property management that creates a positive environment and successfully addresses common needs and challenges.

  • Asset Valuation

  • Construction Analysis

  • Cost & Rent Analysis

  • Daily Operational Execution

  • Resident Management & Support

  • Lease Administration

  • Marketing & Advertising

  • Financial Reporting

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