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Established in 2007, JLL Realty is one of the most trusted property development companies in Springfield and surrounding communites.


Clients know our level of commitment, as we believe in open communication and follow through. For us, it is all about ensuring our client's satisfaction.

The staff is filled with licensed and experienced professionals, all having a fantastic understanding of the market. From business proffessionals, to financial experts, to construction savy owners, we have the skills to best serve our clients.

Focusing on developing not only properties but relationships, we pride ourselves on our reputation for professionalism and excellence. You can rely on us.

JLL Realty is a leading development and property management agency, focused on creating successful partnerships and opportunities.

We have a diverse background in real estate development and have the experience and vision to create new developments or renovating existing ones.

Our team is focused on meeting your needs through thorough planning and project management. We stay in control of your project.

Dealing with commercial and residential properties from around the greater Springfield region, we handle all the daily business surrounding properties.

Having JLL Realty in your corner makes managing properties a lot easier.

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